Marzona Stiftung-Neue Saalecker Werkstätten

The Marzona Stiftung Neue Saalecker Werkstätten was founded to transform the historic Saalecker Werkstätten near Naumburg in Saxony-Anhalt. The acquisition of the historic complex in 2018 was made possible by the commitment of collector and patron Egidio Marzona.

The building ensemble, located high up on a rock above the Saale River, looks back on an eventful and difficult past that is inevitably linked to the architect and racial ideologist Paul Schultze-Naumburg. From 1902 he built his home in Saaleck and shortly thereafter founded the Saalecker Werkstätten, which soon became a platform for National Socialist doctrines.

Reclaiming this "uncomfortable monument" as a new space for free thinking, creation and discourse was a conscious choice for the Marzona Foundation. The former Saalecker Werstätten will be completely repurposed by dieDAS – the Design Academy Saaleck ( and dedicated to an innovative, creative and productive exchange. There will also be a learning and documentation center about the history of the site and its original owner, with a special focus on topics such as anti-Semitism and racism. Located in the center of Germany, the Design Academy Saaleck is a firm and material testament, both in Europe and the world, to the power of change in an open community with unlimited freedom of design.

The entire complex is currently being restored with generous public funding according to a master plan by Danish architect Dorte Mandrup. In 2022, sponge remediation measures were carried out on the architect s building with a grant from the state of Saxony-Anhalt.

Egidio Marona
Arne Cornelius Wasmuth (Vorsitz)
Andreas Silbersack